Wednesday 2nd May 2001-Mrs M is a bitch

Yet another day of the same old shit and yet another incident that proves beyond doubt that the workings of our school system are completely screwed up and twisted to the benefit of those individuals who gain amusement from seeing others suffer. I’ll explain. Those idiots have been hassling me again. I was walking down the corridor and they were shouting abuse at me, pushing me and pulling my hair. The new head teacher, Mrs.M, was watching. I told them to get lost and guess what? I GOT INTO TROUBLE and she let those bastards walk away. So I tried to explain what has been going on but I couldn’t get it out as she kept cutting me off by saying ‘be quiet’ over and over like a stuck record in a really nasty tone. What a great school she’s running; trouble makers get away with it and the victims are not listened to. Where is the justice? I was literally shaking and close to tears when I got to music class and tried to tell Tina and Tom. My words were just coming out in a jumble I was so angry and upset all at the same time. It’s bad enough that these people always torment me but when the school treats ME like the trouble maker it’s 100 times worse. I felt so bad and lost. But at least Tina is on my side. I got a text from her after school just checking I was ok and telling me she’d go with me tomorrow and try to straighten things out with Mrs. M. She added at the end ‘Tina luvs U Honey!’. She’s such a good friend, don’t know what I’d do without her. This is a living hell. The only thing that seemed to deter them was when I threatened to hit them with Tom’s bass. How pathetic is it when a school treats victims of bullying like that. Mrs M is a bitch!


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