Monday 21st May 2001- She thinks I’m gay

I know I have been neglecting this diary recently but I need it more than even now. If all the bad experiences I have recorded in here have been bad than this is pure hell. I have been crying violently literally non stop for the past two hours and now my throat and chest hurt and my eyes are swollen and heavy from the tears. I feel exhausted, torn and suicidal. Mam has just smashed my world, the world I was enjoying so much. She found out that Tina is gay and I never expected such a reaction. She started throwing wild accusations at me that just aren’t true. She has been accusing me of being gay too when I am not. The intensity of my crush on Jack as recorded in here is proof of that. She made it very clear that she doesn’t like Tina and doesn’t want me to go anywhere near her again. What about our friendship? What about the band? She says Tina is not welcome in our house anymore. She says people will talk. She started asking me all of these questions about whether any of my other friends are gay. She bloody well thinks I’m gay just because I have a friend who is. Dam you, you narrow minded, homophobic bitch. You malicious, vicious, scheming cow. Stop ruining my life. I’m not gay and who cares if I was? You are so sad a pathetic.


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