February 3rd 2001- Human Zoo

Today I spent most of the morning lying in bed with a hot water bottle in agony as ravaging cramps so severe even pain killer couldn’t touch them tore through my uterus. Some stupid people came to view the house. It gets on my nerves- they invade your home like a plague and stare at you as if it is some kind of human zoo. It’s getting ridiculous as none of them seem even interested in buying it, they’re just being nosey. There has been millions of them coming recently, all swarming in droves so they can critiszie the house: “You can smell the dogs”, “It doesn’t have fitted wardrobes”, “It’s too small”, “It’s in the entrance of the estate”, “We’ve seen much better”, “It’s too expensive”…those are just some of the pathetic excuses given for not buying it. I really do hate it, having your house invaded by strangers everyday, I wish they would just get lost.

We went into Glasgow and looked round the St Enoch Centre. I managed to get through a shipping trip for the forth time without spending any money. I usually spend money the second I get it. Grandma was getting on my nerves again because she can’t accept the fact that we live here now and we aren’t moving back to Newcastle.


Author: raventaylorauthor

Raven Michelle Taylor (born Michelle Allen) was born in South Shields, Tyneside in 1983 and was the first of three children of Julie and Brian Allen. Following the numerous closures of ship yards on the Tyne Raven moved with her family to Scotland at age 13 where they settled in the Lanarkshire town of Cumbernauld. After the separation of her parents following the move north Raven and her siblings where raised by her Mother Julie. Raven attended Cumbernauld High School and from there went on to Paisley University where she graduated with an honors degree in Computer Animation. Since university to the present day Raven has made a living working various jobs in the office and retail industries but she hopes one day to be able to write full time, a dream she has held since she was a very small girl writing stories on her all Patel typewriter. Raven still lives in Scotland with her husband, Gerry Neary, their dog Basil and tortoise Herman. Raven met Glasgow born Gerry in 2002 when she was 19 years old and the pair married in 2007 opting for a Wiccan Handfasting ceremony in the Niddry Street Vaults in Edinburgh. Raven has written a number of books, short stories and poems and has been doing so since she first learned to pick up a pen and form words. It has always been a dream of hers to be a published author and she has only just recently taken the first steps signing with Newhaven Publishing with whom she had released her Punk Rock Memoir trilogy .

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